Installation Guide

We have created our shutters with quick and easy

DIY-install in mind. no experience necessary!

Installing your shutters will be fast and easy – especially if you follow our install guides. 

If you need a hand along the way, we are always here to help. Please contact us at any time for install support.

What you will need to install

Your shutter will come with all components required to install, including

all screws (for install into wood), hinges and of course your shutter frame and panels!


To fix your shutters in place.


To ensure your shutter is level in the window frame.

Step ladder

If you have high windows.

Caulking Material

Such as no more gaps to seal the edges if you have an L-frame (optional to achieve a flawless finish).


To help keep shutters level if you have uneven windows (optional).

Your shutters

Simply select your shutter type below and follow our instructions.