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Why Shutters?

Shutters add a beautiful finish to your home, providing a timeless, relaxed, resort like feel (did someone say staycation?!) They can add value to your home as well as provide an enhanced street appeal. The Refinery shutters work in any style home, across any room-type and we can make your shutters to suit any style window you need.

Not only are The Refinery shutters the ultimate luxury solution to finish your space, they come with added benefits including;

complete light control

Curtains and most blinds give you two options – open or closed, but with The Refinery Shutters, you can control the amount of light you let into the room – from completely closed to open wide for maximum sunlight, you can adjust the shutters to allow the exact amount of light you would like to enter your room.


Our shutters can be a cost effective, stylish and powerful insulator. They can help to keep your home a comfortable temperature all year round.

Ease of cleaning

Shutters can be quickly wiped down, dusted or even vacuumed! There is very little maintenance required with shutters – say goodbye to attempting to wash your dusty curtains or trying to figure out how to clean your blinds!


No more need for sheer curtains or for neighbours to see into your home! Your shutters can remain closed, while tilting the blades to allow the sunlight in, giving you maximum privacy AND beautiful sunlight! We also offer a midrail option where the top and bottom of the shutter can operate independently giving you maximum privacy on the bottom and extra sunlight streaming in from the top.


We know not all windows are a perfect square or rectangle shape so we can help you fill the space you need with our customised shutters. Triangular, round, arch, – Yes, yes, yes! We can help you create the special shape you need to complete your space.


Our shutters are custom-made for you and your requirements, meaning we can pretty much make any size that you need. Simply measure your space and enter it into our easy-to-use shutter design generator, receive your instant quote, and off we go.


Full-size, french door, bifold, sliding doors, tier on tier, cafe style, corner windows, bay windows – we can make the style of your shutters work for your room. 


We offer two materials for your shutters – Basswood and PVC. You can easily mix and match both options in your home.

Basswood is a durable, timeless and stylish option with the ability to include additional features such as a wide range of colour and shape options, and extras such as hidden hinges. Basswood is not recommended for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, or areas exposed to extreme sunlight.

Our PVC shutters are water and humidity resistant, meaning these are a great option for any wet areas you may have – like bathrooms, kitchens or areas prone to getting wet, while still offering the same sleek and stylish look of Basswood.


We offer a variety of colours for your shutters to match your room design and decor. From classic whites and neutrals to wooden stains and even custom colours, we can help you get the right look for your home.


We offer 3 size options for your shutter louvre blades – 63mm, 89mm and 114mm. With 89mm being the most common.

To see how each size could work for you, you can download and cut out our to-scale template to hold to your window.


Our shutters panels can open 180-degrees against your wall (provided there are no obstructions). The louvre can rotate 180 degrees to give you multiple options of how much (or how little!) light you let into your space.


We offer a range of added extras to help you customise your shutters and give that extra flare to your space. You have the choice between a hidden tilt bar or the more traditional style bar, as well as other optional features such as hidden hinges, midrails and different frame and mounting options. We are also always open to any further custom requirements you may have so please let us know and we can see if we can make it happen!

Your Shutters

The Refinery Shutters are custom made for YOU. We offer a range of colours, two materials to choose from and a variety of added extra features.

The Process

We have developed our process with our key goal in mind – making beautiful windows easy and hassle-free.

The Refinery PVC bathroom shutter


For simple square and rectangular shaped windows, simply measure the height and width of your window space. Measure three times, at three different points of the window.

Take the smallest measurement for an inside mount, and the largest measurement if using an outside mount. No need to round up or reduce your measurement to be safe, we make all necessary alterations to your

accurate window measurements to assist with ease of installation (so don’t panic!). See our easy-to-follow measuring guide for your shutters here.

Our interactive calculator currently only allows for square or rectangular shaped windows, so for all other shapes or requirements, please contact us for your instructions on how to measure your specific window shape.

Customise Your Design

When you are ready, simply enter your measurements into our design generator. You can then proceed to design your shutter with your exact specifications and then confirm your order. Are you ready to design your shutters?

Click here to begin.

Confrim Your ORder

Once your order is placed, we will then contact you to confirm your order for each window to make sure it is just right and everything is looking as it should.

If you have any questions or issues during your measure and design process, you can also contact us anytime for support.


Your shutters typically take about 8-12 weeks to be made for you and delivered to your door (custom colours and unique shapes can sometimes require slightly longer) from the date you confirm your order. We always aim to get your order to you as fast as possible.

Remember we ship our shutters once per month meaning you save using our bulk shipping method, so this timeline can also vary slightly depending on the date you order your shutters to meet our monthly order schedule. Make sure you check our next order deadline to be part of our next order intake. The sooner you order, the sooner you will have your shutters!

Should you require your shutters for a specific date or deadline, please do let us know. We can also offer expedited production and air freight at an additional cost on request.

Please note, we cannot guarantee your exact delivery date and are bound by the ports and other factors that are currently impacting delivery. We will keep you posted on your order status as we progress.

Local Delivery TO YOUR DOOR

The Refinery ships our shutters to pretty much everywhere in NZ! Your online quote includes the complete cost of your shutters and includes GST.

A local delivery fee to get to from The Refinery HQ (based in Auckland) to your door will be charged based on the size of your complete order and your delivery location. This fee will be calculated at checkout when you provide your delivery address. Your order will be delivered by one of our courier or freight partners depending on the size of your order.


The Refinery Shutters have been designed especially for easy DIY install. You will find the install process quick and straightforward – each (standard size and shape) window should take about 10 – 30 mins for one person to install. If you have another set of hands to help you – even better!

With your order, you will receive step-by-step instructions explaining how to install your shutters, and you can also find our install guide here. We have specifically designed our shutters to make this process nice and easy.

Your Refinery shutter order comes with everything you will need, clearly labelled, to install your shutters – all you need is your drill, a drill-bit and a level handy. (If you choose an inside mount L-frame you may also like to use some no-more gaps.) 

The Refinery team are also on standby for any support you may need at any time.


We are committed to ensuring our products are of the highest quality, so you can rest easy, knowing your Refinery Shutters come with a 5-year quality guarantee. Our warranty includes structural, paint, manufacturing defects and shipping damage. After 5-years, where possible, we will also be happy to assist with replacement parts should you require. You can read more about our warranty guarantee here.

Measure Yourself

Our method allows you to measure your windows yourself (don’t worry – we provide an easy-to-follow measuring guide).

Custom online Design Generator

When you are ready, we walk you step-by-step through the order process using our online design generator, with simple instructions and options to choose from.

production and shipping

Our shutters are then sent into production once per month – providing you efficient bulk shipping pricing and value for money. (Should you ever urgently need your shutters, please contact us for a quote for express delivery).

Easy DIY Install

Once complete, we will deliver safely to your door ready for your simple DIY install – all you need is a drill and a level!

Our approach, your savings

At The Refinery, we have created our business so that our customers can enjoy refining their home for less with our unique approach – designed for YOU, without compromising on quality or sophisticated style.

Our straight to customer experience means that we cut out the middlemen, retailers and tradesmen you may have traditionally experienced and pass the savings onto you!

Take the next step towards beautiful windows.

Design your shutters now or learn more with our Shutter School FAQ.

What shapes can I make my shutters?

We can help you with all sorts of shapes you may require for your window space, such as:

Circle Sunburst

Circle With Horizontal



Right Quater Round With Horizontal

Half Round Sunburst With Horizontal Louvre

Oval With Horizontal

Left Rake

Eyebrow Arch

Circle Sunburst

French Door

Corner Window

Bay Windows

While our website and online ordering system are focused on a square/rectangle shaped windows, please contact us to discuss your special shape. We can then provide specific measuring instructions for your space.

What style shutters can I have?

The Refinery offers a range of styles for how your window shutters can function. While our website and online design generator are mostly focused on a full height shutter of ‘standard’ size and shape (square/rectangle), we also offer various other opening functionalities. Available opening types are:

Full Height:

As the description suggests, a full height shutter fills the entire height of your window area with your shutter running from the top, to the bottom of the window in one shutter panel vertically. Full height shutters can still have a midrail/divider rail and you can have multiple panels per window.

You can order your full height shutter on our easy-to-use design generator. ORDER NOW.


Cafe style shutters can also be called “half-shutters” as they only fill half the height of your window space (usually the bottom half). This great approach is fantastic if you want to have open windows at the top, allowing maximum sunlight in – but keeping your privacy at the bottom at the same time. A great option for street level windows, or windows with stained glass features at the top that you want to have on display.

You can get a price estimate for your cafe style shutter via our design generator, however when it comes to placing your order, please contact us directly, as we will need to tweak your order a little to provide the cafe styled product and final price.


Tier-on-tier options fill your entire window and are a great feature piece for a large window space with multiple rows of stacked shutters. This allows you to open each shutter panel independently, giving you greater control over your light flow and privacy of your room.

You can get a price estimate for your tier-on-tier style via our design generator, however when it comes to placing your order, please contact us directly, as we will need to tweak your order a little to provide the tier-on-tier style product and final price.


Your shutter panels are connected via hinge and slide back to the side of the frame, usually on a track, stacking together.

You can get a rough price estimate for your bi-fold style shutter via our design generator, however when it comes to placing your order, please contact us directly, as we will need to tweak your order a little to provide the bi-fold style product and final price.

Sliding Shutters:

Your shutter panels will be mounted on a track and slide into their opening or closing position. A fantastic option to cover doors and ranch sliders.

You can get a rough price estimate for your sliding style shutter via our design generator, however when it comes to placing your order, please contact us directly, as we will need to tweak your order a little to provide the sliding style product and final price.

what colours can I have?

From classic whites and neutrals to wooden stains and custom colours, we can help you get the right look for your home. 

Our Basswood shutters are available in our full colour range below. 

Our PVC shutters come in our three most popular whites – extra white, pure white and white.