Installing an Inside MOunt

your helpful guide.

The below instructions are to install your full-height, square/rectangular shape, INSIDE mount shutters with an L-Frame or Z-Frame. 

For all other shapes or styles, we will provide you custom install instructions with your order based on your window. These will be similar to the below but tailored to your order specifications.


Prep, Unpack and organise

While prep is not an essential step this is a great time to get your windows looking top-notch in preparation for installing your DIY shutters. To prepare your windows:

  • Remove all previous window treatments and any furnishings in and around the windowsill.
  • Give your window area, including your glass a deep clean. 
  • If you plan to paint your windowsill or architraves at any time, this is a great time to do it before the shutters are installed. 
  • Prepare a space on the ground to lay out your shutters as you unpack them.  

Depending on the size of your order, you will (usually) receive two boxes per shutter.

  • The larger box holds your shutter panels. 
  • The tall, slim box holds your frame and parts.

If you have ordered multiple shutters, your boxes will be labelled per window. Place the correct boxes next to the relevant window to avoid confusion! 


Assemble your frame

  • Unpack the tall, slim box that holds your frame (and parts) and remove all packaging. Being careful not to damage your shutters!  
  • Lay your frame out on the soft ground or your packaging cardboard to avoid scratching it.  
  • Use the marker labels provided on each frame piece (left, right, top, bottom) to simply slide the corners together.  
  • Give a firm push on the bowtie fitting to ensure each piece is well connected and the bowtie is flush with the frame.   


Install your frame

  • Lift your frame into position in your window space
  • For L-frame – slide into the desired position in your recess (flush with wall is most common)
  • If using a Z-Frame, fit within the window frame, with the overhang of the ‘z’ snug in place.
  • Use your level to ensure the frame is level on all sides (top, bottom, left, right and on the front of the vertical frames).
  • If your frame is not level, use shims/packers or slide a small piece of card under the frame to help your levels
  • Half-fix the screws into each side of frame using the pre-drilled holes. Don’t completely tighten these screws yet, you will do that in the final steps. This will help you line up your frame perfectly for your shutter panels.
  • Re-check your levels again to make sure nothing has changed. 

NOTE: Our screws are suitable for drilling into wooden window frames/architraves/walls. If you are screwing into material other than wood, e.g. brick. Ensure you have the correct screws and wall fixtures for this.


Installing your shutter panels

  • Unpack the larger box that holds your shutter panels.
  • Using the hinges that come pre-attached to the panel as a guide, find the matching hinge piece on the frame in your window.
  • To check you have your panels around the correct way:
    • Your shutter louvres will only close flat in an upwards direction. 
    • Your panels ‘top rail’ features a lip that your louvres will close upwards into.
    • Your panel’s ‘bottom rail’ will not have a visible lip.
    • The right panel will always overlap the left panel with the rabbet style close.
  • If you have multiple panels, they will be numbered from left to right. Panel one will be on the far left, attached to your frame. 
  • Slide your panels into its matching hinge and insert hinge pins provided. Repeat for each panel. 


Final Touches

  • Open and close your shutters to ensure they open smooth and evenly.
  • If not, simply adjust the levels of your frame until they do.
  • If needed, you can loosen the hinge screw in the oval hole to adjust the hinges (up or down) to assist with closing.
  • Lock your hinges in place by inserting the small hinge screws into the small round hole on each hinge. You can adjust these screws as needed by loosening so your panels hang well and line up evenly. 
  • Once all adjustments have been made, finish securing your frame by tightening all screws into place.
  • Apply screw caps 
  • Optional for L-Frame: Use a caulking material such as no more gaps, to seal the edges of your frame for a flawless finish.

If you have a t-post

If you have selected to use a T-post for your shutters, you will find your T-post in with the frame pieces. Once you have assembled the 4-sides of your frame, simply place your t-post into position (it will be labelled to show the top and bottom orientation) and screw into place using the pre-drilled screw holes.


If you’re using a Z-frame with a windowsill, we alter the bottom of your shutter frame so that it can still work with your sill. In this case, your frame will then become three pieces – left, top, right.

Your altered bottom frame piece will need to be screwed on to stay in place.

All Done – can you believe how easy that was to install yourself!?

ENJOY your beautiful windows!